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Next day, together in Kostya to Liouba the stranger came. The wife, first it seems also took offense even, but then, having understood that I joke, calmed down. Having understood that Inna now can terminate, and Svetlana still completely was not got, it stopped the occupation and sat down. But only at first we should try with you together, and more than once. The work, the bread. Then it found work here, and we left.

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it broke the destiny, she risked the heart. The husband tired of vanity of collecting, fatefully undertook the weightiest and two receptions sent it on the top luggage shelf. It seemed that her consciousness with such rage struggled with the feelings which captured a body and soul. And so there came a decline, all of us luxuriated in a bed. Vick, well do not go obstinate.

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Having set aside a glass aside, I inspected a battlefield. Э the brother, answered I, to women to be washed not so that and it is simple. Kiss on the cheek, pat on a bottom Well, simply, interestingly Yes Well, you, probably I want. Employment Suddenly it sighed, began to wheeze and I felt a big, viscous lump of slime in a mouth.