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mummy, mother, Olezhk is not necessary to me, me, but late my head already vsklchit in a point, I feel as pulses, I hold by a waist the ruchishcha, I remember Lyudka also the first time not in a pizda and in an ass ebat, in a pizda on a wedding gave, was it тогдв 17 and me 25, I began it to tear up slowly, Danochka began to complain, it is necessary darling is necessary, to me бо, I stopped think to a vyym will terminate in a mouth and to sleep, Cries and as any bvba laments, I Ask speak to whom, it is not necessary, I then will hang myself, the Foolish woman, I Embraced her, she lies on my breast and cries, here I feel it the handle on my member, darling I still want, Flogging with love. Gradually it became more courageous. Do not ask to lick then And your clitoris to charm If climb in a mouth of a volosye, It is better to guzzle ears in the field.

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Absolutely naked, I saw only it the contour lit behind with the lamp it the fine-molded figure waddlingly loomed before me in magic light and fascinating shadow play and penumbras, smells and easy rustles. П R Е Д AND WITH L ABOUT IN AND Е.

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Oнa смeeтся. I would like that it for it was come to a bad end to cease to worry, at last, about it. I am pастеpялась, was suppressed by everything пpоисшедшим. Called the close girlfriend with whom a was sign there are already a lot of years, and told her everything from beginning to end.